We Pursue better farming

Griin Agriculture Co., Ltd

Griin is an agricultural company to develop and implement technology to solve problems related to agriculture

Well refined LED

Spectrum and Shape of Our LED designed specifically for vertical farming system. Offering Full Spectrum, Rich IR with the lowest price.  Perfect Match for Realistic Indoor agriculture business model

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ICT & Smartfarm

With the ICT system in our smart farm.

Make a better environment for our plants.

control essential parts with
smartphone & Laptop

Use Less water & recycle

Give Nutrients to our plants more efficiently.

always recycle the water. 

Nano bubble Tech allows us to never waste the water we use.  


Our modularized system offers 
lowest facility cost and highest productivity Suitable for

rapid Worldwide Expansion

‘Griin Urban farm Platform’ will open more doors for processed & local produced farm products

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44x more productive
than soil culture!

Our New Indoor agriculture technology brings better space utility. As our indoor system designed to be more Labor friendly as well. We are proudly present our system as a Foundation of successful urban indoor agriculture business model of ours    


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